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Saeko will play the Queen of the Forest in the upcoming Toho production of Mahoroba.

Translation: Mori Keaki x Kozuki Wataru Celebration 100 interview




My love for Karincho grows exponentially with every second of exposure I have to her. This was pretty straightforward, but there were a couple of sticky parts. I apologize for any mistakes. [source]

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Oh gods, Wataru fangirling is SO adorable.

Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2008

February - Yuumi Hiro
September - Sena Jun

Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2008

May - Sou Kazuho
August - Misuzu Aki

Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2008

January - Aran Kei
March - Mizu Natsuki

Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2008

January - Hokushou Kairi
February - Yamato Yuuga

Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2007

February - Takashiro Kei
November - Yamato Yuuga

Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2007

April - Misuzu Aki
October - Otozuki Kei

Stayed on your tumblr page to listen to the music ^___^ ♪ Rock on, rock on, rock on, you, you!!

Thanks ♥ I’m glad you like it ♪♫
It happens to me, too that the music keeps me from closing the tab after I looked something up XD

Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2007

September - Hokushou Kairi
November - Yuumi Hiro

carlyschon hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “carlyschon replied to your post: Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2004…”

both of them, but… Saeko has that sex-face on XD

That’s so true XDD I still love her jacket though ^^
And Touko inspired us to a new AU for an rp, I feel so guilty 8D

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Takarazuka Desktop Calendar 2007

April - Aran Kei
December - Haruno Sumire

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