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Yamato Yuuga, Aran Kei, Kozuki Wataru, Mizu Natsuki and Ayaki Nao.

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Dork. She even posed the Tuxedo Kamen dolls.

D’aaaww x3 ❤


Top pictures: Everyone pose at their own style (^^);;




Q: I don’t really like myself. What should I do?
Kaname: I also had a period where I absolutely detested myself. But in my case, I had fans supporting me, so I felt like hating myself was really inexcusable and wanted to like myself. My weak point, my tendency to worry, is also just part of who I am. Though my personality might be annoying (laughs), when I thought of it as also maybe being proof of my living earnestly, I stopped hating myself. Just trying a little is important.



AsaKana ❤ again. 瀬奈様が大好き!^^ [ref]





Top picture: Mizusan and Yumikosan fighting for a man while Watarusan gets two??

They are not fighting for him but against him, to hold him away from Wataru. That character is Wataru’s abusive boyfriend,and this is the dream-sequence during which we see how Wataru would like things to be.


Setlist/Remarks: One Heart Musical Festival 2014; 24.08.2014


I’ll start with the song lists for the OGs here, plus some general remarks. I’ll put the complete songlist under a cut, since it’s rather long (and because I have two songs I couldn’t identify, sorry about that.)

Yamato Yuuga:

  • Show me how you Burlesque (Akt 1) [Burlesque]
  • Totale Finsternis (with Mate Kamaras) [Tanz der Vampire]
  • All that Jazz [Chicago]
  • Rebecca [Rebecca]

Ayaki Nao:

  • Ai to Shi no Rondo [Elisabeth]
  • Anything Goes [Anything Goes]
  • Rebecca [Rebecca]
  • Boote in der Nacht /Boats in the Night [Elisabeth]
  • Tanz der Vampire (Finale Second Act) [Tanz der Vampire]

Ayano Kanami:

  • Not for the Life of me [Thoroughly Modern Millie]
  • Soviel mehr [Rudolf: Affaire Mayerling]
  • Once you loose your heart [Me and My Girl]
  • Rebecca [Rebecca]

All of them were also in the “Do you hear the People sing” group number at the end of the first Act, and of course out for the finale.

I am really missing an appropriate english term for Tani here, because she’s insanely comfortable with being the focus of all attention, as well as with her own body. (Which was quiet easy to see, because two of her four dresses/skirt were DANGEROUSLY short.)
Since this was Tani’s Shonichi, I am sure people already had an idea what was coming for them when the performer prior to her switched from talking about “hot” (the temperature), to “hot” (as in Tani.) He then called out “Toho’s Number one Show girl; come on Yuuga!” and Tani jumped right into it with “Show me how you Burlesque”. (That was the first dangerously short dress, and amazingly glittery.) I don’t think that song works if you don’t enjoy yourself, and boy, she did.
(People wishing to check out the dress, please click  HERE ).

Not for the life of me was quiet the change of pace from this, but DAMN; Mihoko’s voice is something that needs to be enjoyed live. She’s easily able to overpower the band being -right behind her-; and she makes it look so effortless too!
That, combined with having the best MCs ever makes Mihoko roundabout perfect, can we have a petition to crown her queen of everything yet?


Saeko did not get Saigo no Dansu, but she did get Ai to Shi, and DAMN LADY LOOKS AMAZING. I’ve been having a thing for Death from the Sandman comics, and this was Death with wavy hair and added glitter, and the worst bedroom voice ever ~ That voice goes directly to your stomach and makes muscles quiver.

I had promised I’d flip a table if I didn’t get Mihoko singing “Soviel Mehr”, and they must have heard me, because I actually got it! She was stunning, wonderful, and I felt a little bit sorry for her partner for having to keep up with her ♥



Sarah should not be surprised about being vampire-bait with a dress like that… Tani and Mate did “Totale Finsternis” surprisingly well together, and Mate showed admirable selfcontrol for not biting her neck, he clearly wanted to ;)

Part two started with a hilarious drag number, involving “Mate-chan”, in a outfit that is the closest to a Zuka-Rockette he’ll probably ever be (think a cancan dress made of  the french flag, with very little fabric to cover the crotch, glittery tights, higheels, feathers on his head, and a gigantic ribbon on his butt that wiggled whenever he moved), and “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu”, among others. Five in total, and they were adorable.

Saeko was adorable too when she did Anything Goes, and I was honestly surprised how GOOD she sounded. People, let her sing in her ACTUAL RANGE! because it sounds pretty damn nice!

All that Jazz, however, had me break out the opera glasses not to find out what was happening on stage (I had a good view wihtout them too), but to find out what MAGIC was holding this skimpy “top”, if you can call it that, Tani was wearing up. Turned out the magic was a second layer of skincolored fabric under her top so she didn’t go Janet Jackson on us ;)
If that was NOT a great promotion for Chicago, I don’t know what was.
(That is btw the only outfit her staff hasn’t blogged about yet, I wonder why…)

Saeko and Tani both came down into the audience for the Lambeth Walk, btw, handing out fans to some lucky… fans ;)

….Do I really have to mention that Mihoko killed Once you loose your heart? Because she did. Looking flawless with her red barret <3 

The Rebecca-Titlesong surprisingly started of with Saeko and Tani sounding suprisingly good together, before they were joined by Mihoko and Mika Kikuchi, and damn, I surely HOPE Toho was foreshadowing us here, because they gave me chills. Cast Mihoko,please and thanks.

Shout-out to Mihoko for reminding us all in her MC that Tani was an Otokoyaku once upon a time, despite that “dynamite body” of hers… and for remembering that Tani was playing in Sera Myu too, but needing Tani’s fans to remind her that the character was called Tuxedo Kamen ♥ Most adorable MC of the day.

Before someone screeches in horror that Saeko was singing Boats in the Night: They pitched it down for her, and it worked! I actually think that raspy voice suits older Sisi quiet well, as far as I am concerned. Surprisingly well done, I was really impressed, because I didn’t believe she’d pull it off either at first.

The last song had Saeko and her duett partner change while Mate distracted the audience (and the band alike), and then started singing the professor from the Finale of Tanz der Vampire, before leaving the last part to Saeko and her partner, who were done changing. (Saeko wore her black Dream, a Dream dress, btw.)

Most of the cast came out for this too, and descended into the audience, who were all holding blue glowsticks (Saeko’s dress seems to be perfect for hiding them, she magiced one out there too.)

….With how long this is, I wonder if I really need the cut for the whole setlist, but I promised I would hide that at least, so click if you are curious.

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