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My Zuka 'crushes' are all OGs:
Yamato Yuuga, Aran Kei, Kozuki Wataru, Mizu Natsuki and Ayaki Nao.

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My name is Tuxedo Mask. (ref)

*Don’t really know why I did this. Not even a Sera Myu or Tani (Yamato Yuuga) fan.  Oh wait, Tani looks cool flipping that cape.  That’s probably why.  And I was bored. :Q*


Narcisse Noir II costume reference because I’m too lazy to search them every time in my document folders XD


Whenever I watch Seal of Roses I can’t help but think that Mikhail really is  the Zuka-version of “Well, that escalated quickly.”
He goes from cute, timid little monk with a crush on that girl to Madame Noir to Nazi to openly insane all in one play. There’s a reason he’s by far my favorite character in this.

(And I love Saeko playing villains, just saying.)


you can’t tell me she’s not cute as liina ^^




how is this woman even real??!?

We need a snazzy photoshoot with the whole gang now-

oh yes GOD that was exactly it!! thank you

The Scarlet Pimpernel - 目の前の君
sung by Aran Kei

Sharing my favorite song from The Scarlet Pimpernel with you ^__^
I loooove Touko’s voice so much. And no, I have no idea what the song is about but I love it anyway :P


Ranju Tomu and Hizuki Hana. Space Fantasista. Soragumi. 2007.

azumashio asked me to share five more facts about me, so here we go.

1 - I just decided that I’ll get myself a 3DS XL in pink tomorrow.
2 - Because I wanna play one of the new Pokémon editions.
3 - I spend way too much money lately. But I feel the urgent need to treat myself… Meh.
4 - I want it to be Thursday evening so bad right now because I’ve already had enough of work for this week. It’s so tiring…
5 - I still haven’t found a solution for my scanner problem besides getting a new scanner or using my old pc for making scans.

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